About Repline Marketing Group

Sales ObstaclesAs sales professionals, we are spending more time every day reporting our activities, developing marketing tools, while being pushed to our technology limits.  This is at a great expense because it takes us away from our valuable selling time.

RMG, Inc. was founded to solve these problems. We developed iReportSales.com, a state of the art web reporting system, that allows you to enter and retrieve your field activities with ease!  We partnered with Blue Lacuna to offer you iSellSheetBuilder, a new and innovative web tool which enables you to build and customize sell sheets in a few key strokes.  And lastly, we recognize that technology is changing our business lives and TurnerTime helps you better understand how to harness technology by maximizing your computer, email and mobile devices.

Our twenty years in the outside, relationship selling game has exposed these issues and now more than ever they need to be addressed.  Your customers demand it, your factories demand it and your competition is right over your shoulder.